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A Companion to Badminton (Basic drills to Improve Fitness and Skills in Badminton)

CONTENTS -?INTRODUCTION -?Introduction |?Badminton becomes official | Badminton Organization | Badminton Today | Badminton in India |?Basic Skills in Badminton…..DRILLS -?Different Types of Badminton Drills | Physical fitness, skill, drill practice | Correlates with Badminton Performance | Requirements and Analysis of the Game of Badminton…..RECENT DEVELOPMENT IN INDIAN BADMINTON-?Concept of Fitness |?Background of the Study | Statement of the Problem | Objectives of the Study | Hypothesis |?Delimitations of the Study | Limitations of the Study | Significance of the Study |Definitions of Important Terms….?METHODOLOGY -?Research Methodology |?Research Design |?Variables |?Population and Sampling |?Research Procedure |?Identification and Selection of Test Items | Justification for the Selection of the Test Items | Reliability of Testers |?Ethical considerations |?Criterion Measure and Tools Used | Skill Test Administration Procedure | Drill practice….ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION -?Statistical Tools |?Analysis and Interpretation….SUMMARY, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS -?Summary |?Major Findings | Conclusion | Recommendations |?BIBLIOGRAPHY?| APPENDIX



Dr. Bhaskarreddy Satyanarayanreddy Nalla





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