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Foundations of Sports and Exercise Physiology

1. UNIT I -?Definitions of Psychology |?What is Sport Psychology? |?Nature and Meaning of Psychology of Sport |?Scope of Sport Psychology |?Who is a Sport Psychologist? |?What is Sport and Exercise Psychology? |?Need and Importance of Sport Psychology. |?A Brief History of Sport Psychology |?History of Sport Psychology in India |?Sports Psychology Association of India….
2. UNIT II -ATTITUDES AND SPORT BEHAVIOUR |?Nature of Attitude |?The Functional Approach.?Structural Approach Stereotypes |?Social Learning of Attitudes |?Measuring Attitudes |?Measurement of Attitudes Towards Sports |?Attitudes Towards Sports….PERSONALITY-?Meaning of Personality |?Structure of Personality |?Approaches to Personality |?Measuring Personality |?Motor Ability and Personality |?Sports Interest and Personality |?Athletic Versus Non-Athletic Personality |?Effects of Sports on Personality |?Implications for the Coaches…?GROUP DYNAMICS- ?Audience |?Types of Audience |?Effects of Audience on Performance |?Merits of Presence of Audience |?Demerits of Presence of Audience |?Implications for the Coach |?Group Cohension?| Components of Cohension | Measurement of Cohension | Factors Influencing Group Cohension
Cohension and Performance |?What Coaches Can Do? |?What Group Members Can Do?…
3. UNIT III-?COGNITIVE PROCESSES |?PERCEPTUAL MECHANISM |?Definitions |Characteristics of Perception |?Theories of Perception|Perception and Motor Learning|INTELLIGENCE|Intelligence Quotient|Relationship of Intelligence to Motor Ability and Physical?Factors….?4. UNIT IV-
MOTIVATION|Definitions|Types of Motives|Sources of Motives|Types of Motivation|Motivation and Sport|Guidelines for Coaches to Motivate Athletes|Pep Talk|REINFORCEMENT|Types of Reinforcement|Success and Failure|Reward and Punishment|Types of Rewards|Types of Punishment|Guidelines for Using Punishment|Drawbacks of Punishment|Positive and Negative Approaches to Influencing Behaviour|Praise and Criticism|Knowledge of Results Knowledge of Performance|Feedback|Servo Mechanism|EMOTIONAL EFFECTS-Tension|Anxiety|DefinitionsTypes of Anxiety|Measuring Anxiety|Factors Producing Pre-competitive Anxiety|Individualized Anxiety Hierarchy for a Volleyball Player|Relationship Between Anxiety and Performance|Methods to Reduce Anxiety|StresS-Types of Stress,Symptoms of Stress,?Measurement of Stress|PSYCHOLOGICAL SKILL TRAINING,Autogenic Training,?Progressive Relaxation,?Breath Control Procedure, Imagery,?Hypnosis|AGGRESSION-Definitions,Examples of Aggression,?Aggression in Sport,?Types of Aggression,?Causes of Aggression,?Theories of Aggression
Aggression and Athletic Competition,?Factors Influencing Aggression,?Sex Difference in Aggression,?Reduction of Aggression,?Implications for the Coach….?5. UNIT V -?MENTAL PLANS|?Developing the Mental|Plan Self-assessment|Pre Competition Plan|Competition Focus Plan|Pre Competition Refocusing|Competition Refocusing|Post Competition Refocusing|Evaluation|
Enhancing Self Confidence|Simulation Training.



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