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Sports Psychology (M.P.Ed Latest Syllabus Based)

CONTENTS: Unit–I: Introduction- Meaning Definition and History of Sports Psychology || Need Importance and Present Status of Sports Psychology || Motor Learning, Motor Perception, Personality…. Unit–II: Motivation: Motivation: Meaning Definition Types and
Measuring of Achievement Motivation || Anxiety: Meaning Nature and Causes || Stress: Meaning, Causes and Sports Performance || Aggression: Meaning, Definition, Method
of Measurement and Sports Performance || Self-Concept: Meaning, Definitions and
Method of Measurement…. Unit–III: Goal Setting || Meaning, Definition and Process of Goal
Setting in Physical Education and Sports || Relaxation: Meaning, Types and
Methods of Psychological Relaxation || Psychological Tests….Unit–IV: Sports Sociology || Sports and Socialisation || National Integration Through Sports || Fans and Spectators || Leadership… UNIT–V: Group Cohesion || Group: Meaning, Group Cohesion, Group
Interaction and Group Dynamics || Current Problems in Sports and Future
Direction || Women in Sports….



Dr. Vijay Bhojraj Datakar





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