Yoga Vigyan / Yogic Sciences (M.P.Ed. New Syllabus)- Hindi

Yoga Vigyan / Yogic Sciences (M.P.Ed. Syllabus according to NCTE New Syllabus)- CONTENTS: UNIT 1: Introducation (6 chapters) UNIT 2: Asanas and Pranayama (4 chapters) UNIT 3: Kriyas (2 chapters) UNIT 4: Mudras (2 chapters) UNIT 5: Yoga and Sports (3 chapters)… Khel Manovigyan / Sports Psychology – M.P.Ed. New Syllabus – Hndi Dr.Kailash Pawar 9789387363120 Paperback 300 230 First 2019 331 Hindi Based on M.P.Ed. NCTE New Syllabus Khel Manovigyan / Sports Psychology (M.P.Ed. Syllabus according to NCTE New Syllabus)- The book discusses all the aspects of sports psychology and its related issues…. CONTENTS: UNIT 1: Introduction (5 chapters) UNIT 2: Motivation (5 chapters) UNIT 3: Goal Setting (4 chapters) UNIT 4: Sports Sociology (4 chapters) UNIT 5: Group Discussion (3 chapters)…. About Author (Dr. Khailash Kotikrao Pawar) – B.P.Ed., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.d, NET – Instructor at Janta Kala Vanijya Mahavidyalaya”



Dr. Taraknath Pramanik





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