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Physiology of Exercise (M.P.Ed. NCTE New Syllabus)

Physiology of Exercise (M.P.Ed. Syllabus according to NCTE New Syllabus)- CONTENTS: UNIT 1: Skeletal Muscles and Exercise (4 chapters) UNIT 2: Cardiovascular System and Exercise (4 chapters) UNIT 3: Respiratory System and Exercise (4 chapters) UNIT 4: Metabolism and Energy Transfer (3 chapters) UNIT 5: Climatic Conditions and Sports Performance and Ergogenic Aids (4 chapters)…. About Author (Dr. Devendra Nath Behera) – He did his B.A., B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., LL.B., and Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Education fom Utkal University. – Dr. Behra’s area of interest and specialization in the field of physical education and sports are: Organization and administration of physical education programs, outing activities like camping, hiking, picnic study, tour and games, coaching in kabaddi, football, softball and yogasanas, offficiating and coaching in cricket and track and field of organization of various athletic competitions, games and sports at State, National and Internationa level. – Presently he is working as Lecturer in Govt. College of Physical Education. Odisha.



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