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Applied Statistics in Physical Education and Sports (M.P.Ed. NCTE New Syllabus)

Applied Statistics in Physical Education and Sports (M.P.Ed. Syllabus according to NCTE New Syllabus)- CONTENTS: UNIT 1: Introducation (4 chapters) UNIT 2: Data Classification, Tabulation and Measures of Central Tendency (3 chapters) UNIT 3: Measures of Dispersions and Scales (3 chapters) UNIT 4: Probability Distributions and Graphs (3 chapters) UNIT 5: Inferential and Comparative Stastics (1 chapter)… About Author (Dr. Kulbir Singh) – He is a talented and versatile physical educator. – He has completed his M.P.Ed., M.Phil., and recieved Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Education. – Dr. Singh has published his 13 research articles in the field of physical education in international and national level journals. – He has attended 30 national and international seminars, conferences and workshops. He has also worked as Member Board of Studies in Physical Education in Panjab University. – Presently, he is working as Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education in G.H.G. Khalsa College.



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