Glossary of Physical Education and Sports...

In the world of Physical and Health Education, a plethora of books have come out on a host of topics, but only a few will have a dramatic impact on the field. This is one of those books! This book contains more than five thousand terms and its definition with suitable examples. The necessity of this Glossary is vital for all the students as well as teachers in the field of Physical Education if they wish to make career in the field of Physical Education. As the demand of Physical Education is dramatically increasing day by day the knowledge of the concerned field is also very essential to better achieve their study and teaching goals. It is a must-read for anyone interested in physical fitness, performance, and health and nutrition.
This book provides readers with a well thought out structure so that they can actually develop a comprehensive understanding of what Glossary is all about. Most important, it is easy to read, and this is accomplished by a very well thought out presentation style and topic structure. Each and every term are well defined so that everyone can learn a lot from this glossary. This book is also very helpful for fitness trainers, coaches and nutritionist as it has almost covered most topics of the concerned field.
This book covers Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Research Methodology, Statistics, Test and Measurements, Sports
Training, Health Education, Sports Medicine, Sports Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Yoga and different other subjects use in the field of therapeutics, fitness regime and nutrition.
Finally, I am really excited about this book Glossary of Physical Education and Sports Sciences because it brings together in a most eloquent manner an important concept in the field of Physical education and Sports Sciences. It allows readers to really understand the scientific basis of the concept. It takes them through an exciting and interesting development of the concept. It is easy to read and understand because the information is presented in a manner that allows readers to enjoy the learning experiences.
I hope that you will enjoy this book as much as I have and, after reading it, feel that you too now possess some powerful new tools that will help you optimize your goal

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Instant Notes On Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy...

Meaning of Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine: Meaning, Definition, Aims, Objectives, Modern Concepts and Importance. Athletes Care and Rehabilitation: Contribution of Physical Education Teachers and Coaches. Sports Injuries: Meaning, Importance, Prevention of Injuries in Sports – Common Sports Injuries – Diagnosis ||

Physiotherapy: Definition – Guiding Principles of Physiotherapy, Importance of Physiotherapy, Introduction and Demonstration of Treatments – Electrotherapy – Infrared Rays – Ultraviolet Rays -Short Wave Diathermy – Ultrasonic Rays ||

Hydrotherapy:Introduction and Demonstration of Treatments of Cryotherapy, Thermo therapy, Contrast Bath, Whirlpool Bath – Steam Bath – Sauna Bath – Hot Water Fomentation – Massage: History of Massage – Classification of Manipulation (Swedish System) Physiological Effect of Massage.
Exercise Therapy ||

Therapeutic Exercise: Definition and Scope – Principles of Therapeutic Exercise – Classification, Effects and uses of Therapeutic Exercise – Passive Movements (Relaxed, Forced and Passive – Stretching) – Active Movements (Concentric, Eccentric and Static) Application of the Therapeutic Exercise: Free Mobility Exercise – Shoulder, Elbow – Wrist and Finger Joints – Hips, Knee, Ankle and Foot Joints – Trunk. Head and Neck Exercises. ||

Thermotherapy: Meaning, Definition, Methods and Uses. Posture, Postural Deformities: Kyposis, Lordosis, and Scoliosis. Therapeutic Exercises and Uses. First Aid – Treatment – Shock, Sun Stroke- General Rule, Fainting, Abrasion, Dog Bite, Snake Bite, Cuts, Poisoning, Drowning, Bleeding, Laceration – Blisters – Contusion – Strain – Sprain – Fracture – Dislocation and Cramps – Bandages – Kinds of Bandages and Dressings – Strapping and Supports ||


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Methods in Physical Education (To make the...

Physical education is an area in which co-exist systematic actions on physical, mental and personal activity of each student. Hence, in the process of physical education, we use a number of methods.
In physical education teaching is little different from other subjects as because teacher may has to take the classes in the class room; in the play fields; in the gymnasium; in the swimming pool; in the track & field and such other indoor and outdoor activities. Therefore; the same method of teaching could not be possible to apply everywhere while teaching. There are plenty of methods to deal the classes of physical education but to make the teaching effective and meaningful teacher should select the most appropriate method on the basis of knowledge and experiences.

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Sports Training (General Theory and Methods...

Sports Training and Exercise (General Theory and Methods of Sports Training, Exercises and Measurement) is a pedagogic area of great importance in physical education and sports excellence. It has developed to a very high level in the western countries. But in our country, the literature is missing. It is thus a big handicap for a large number of professionals and coaches in India. Most of the available books do not deal adequately. In order to meet the growing demand of the concerned people, the author has written the present book incorporating the latest literature on the subjects……

The Sports Training and Exercise (General Theory and Methods of Sports Training, Exercises and Measurement)is important not only for performance in a sports but also is a most valuable adjunct of physical education, fitness sports, recreational sports, rehabilitation sports, adventures sports as well as for any area of human activities. It is therefore, hopeful that this book will serve as standard reference book for coaches, teachers of physical education, sports administrators and sports persons including fitness aspirants. The present book has been written with simplicity……

The book includes: Chapter 1 Concept of Sports Training, Chapter 2 Training Load and Recovery, Chapter 3 Training Means and Methods, Chapter 4 Sports Performance, Chapter 5 General Principles of Sports Training, Chapter 6 Strength, Chapter 7 Speed, Chapter 8 Endurance, Chapter 9 Flexibility, Chapter 10 Nature and Definition of Co-coordinative Abilities, Chapter 11 Technique, (x) Technique Training and Methods, Chapter 12 Tactics, Chapter 13Periodization, Chapter 14 Planning, Chapter 15, Control of Sports Training, Chapter 16 Training Session, Chapter 17 Long Term Training Process, Chapter 18 Competition, Chapter 19 Motor Development, Chapter 20 Talent Identification and Development, Chapter 21 Education and Sports Training, Chapter 22 Application of Biomechanics to Neuromuscular Fitness Activities, Chapter 23 Physical Conditioning with Different Exercise, Chapter 24 Weight Training andChapter 25 Selected Authentic Physical Fitness Test.
Hoping all a great reading.

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The Book of Kabaddi (The Complete Guide)

“Kabaddi is aptly known as the “GAME OF THE MASSES “due to its popularity, Simplicity, easy to comprehend rules, and public appeal. The game calls for no Sophisticated equipment what so ever, which makes it a very popular sport in the developing countries.

This book based largely on the experience of teaching and guiding B.P.E.S, B.P.Ed and M.P.Ed students in Kabaddi Specialization.

An extraordinary word of appreciation is due to Arjuna Awardee P.Ganesan, Dr. N.Jayaraj SAI Senior Coach and Dr. G.Kumaresan, Associate Professor, who have helped me a lot in understanding the game through formal as well as informal discussions and exchange of views on different occasions.

My truthful thankfulness to our St. John’s college of Physical Education, Physical Educationist, Coaches, Officials Tamil Nadu State Amateur Kabaddi Association and Tuticorin & Tirunelveli District Kabaddi Association for his care and encouragements in publishing the book.

I feel enormously thankful to my wife and children’s for having ceased to be desirous of my feel affection and passion with this type of support. I look forward to suggestion from all readers for further improvement of the book”

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