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Health and Yoga (Physical Education – BA I – 2nd Semester)

UNITI:Definition and Meaning of HealthII Determinants of Health II Health Instrucation II Health Supervision II importance of Health and Health Education in Modern society II Meaning and Definition of Health Education II Aims andObjectives of Health Education II Guiding Principlesof Health Education .UNITII: Importance of Light and cross ventilation at school and HomeII Meaning of Personnel Hygiene II personal Hygiene of the following :(a)Teeth 79: (b)Ears 86:(c)Eyes 91: (d)Skin 95:(e) Nail and fingers 100. UNITIII: Meaning of communicable DiseaseII Mode of Transmission and Prevention of the following Disease :(i) HIV/AIDS 126:(ii)Hepatitis -B&C (iv)Tuberculosis (v) cholera .UNIT IV: Meaning Types and Aims of Yoga – types of Yoga ,Aims of Yoga II Procedure and Benefits of following Asanas: surya Namaskar , Bhujang Asana , Hal Asana , Dhanur Asana , Ardha Matsyendrasana , Chakra Asana , Matsya Asana , Karnapid Asana , Mayur Asana and Setu Bandh Asana .



Dr. Sunil Dabas





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