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Physical Activity and Health (BA -II 3rd Semester, New Syllabus)

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physical Activity and Health -CONTENTS UNIT I: Health and Health Education 1. Concept of Health 2. Meaning and Definitions of Health and Health Education3. Aims and Objectives of Health Education 4. Health and Physical Fitness5. WHO and UNICEF 48 6. Role of Physical Activity Towards DifferentDimensions of Health ………. UNIT II: Food and Nutrition 7? Balance Diet 8. Factors Affecting Diet 9. Elements and Functions of the Balanced Diet 10.Nutritional Tips 11. Vegetarian Verses Non-Vegetarian Diet………..UNIT III: Posture12. Posture: Concept of Posture 13. Value of Posture 14. Causes of Poor Posture15. Types of Postural Deformities: Their Causes and Precautions 16. First Aid 17. General Principles of First Aid 18. Common First Aid Measures for: (a) Snake Biting (b) Choking; (c) Drowning; (d) Fainting; (e) Fracture; (f) Poison and Unconsciousness and; (g) Heat Stroke…….UNIT IV: Exercise and Life styleDisease 19. Exercise and Life Style Disease20. Exercise and Obesity21. Exercise and Heart Disease 22. Exercise and Diabetes….